Installing on Windows is not supported because we use symlinks inside Python packages.

Our project does not ship a container. Please avoid raising any bugs related to containers and use the discussions forum instead.

We recommend you to try creator-ee, which is a container that also carries ansible-lint.

Using pip or pipx

You can use either pip3 or pipx to install it; the latter one automatically isolates the linter from your current python environment. That approach may avoid having to deal with particularities of installing python packages, like creating a virtual environment, activating it, installing using --user or fixing potential conflicts if not using virtualenvs.

# This will also install ansible-core if needed
pip3 install "ansible-lint"

From Source

Note: pip 19.0+ is required for installation. Please consult with the PyPA User Guide to learn more about managing Pip versions.

pip3 install git+